I-131: Radioiodine Treatment

NOTICE: Late on the afternoon of December 8th the VEC was informed that the supplier for radioactive iodine had been forced to temporarily stop production by their regulatory body.   They hope to resolve this problem quickly.  Further information will be provided after January 2nd.

 Due to this lack of access to radioactive iodine the VEC must temporarily suspend all bookings for radioactive iodine therapy until we have confirmation that production has been resumed. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes. 

 Veterinarians with questions regarding managing hyperthyroid patients during this delay please feel free to discuss with Dr. Barb Bryer here at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

Radioiodine therapy is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment method for hyperthyroidism in cats whereby a single dose of radioactive iodine is injected subcutaneously in order to kill the abnormal thyroid tissue associated with the disorder.

Prior to undergoing radioactive therapy, patients are thoroughly examined in order confirm the diagnosis and to rule out any other medical conditions. Cats receiving I-131 will remain in the hospital for up to 1 week until radioactivity drops to an acceptable level.

Radioiodine treatment is overseen by Dr. Barbara Bryer and patients are cared for by registered veterinary technicians who have been specially trained in the area of radiation safety, as well as a designated radiation safety officer who is on staff.

The VEC’s radioactive iodine unit has been in operation for several years, during which time we have successfully treated hundreds cats. Very rarely, a cat will require re-treatment, and if this is the case we will do so at no additional charge to the client.

Appointments with Dr. Bryer regarding radioiodine treatment can be scheduled on alternate Monday mornings, treatment is performed the following Wednesday morning.