Referring Vets

For Referring Vets Only

*COVID-19 Precautions and Policy 

ER Service: We anticipate that over the coming weeks we may experience higher than normal demand for emergency services while also anticipating the potential of a reduction in staff available to care for these patients, due to illness or quarantine. In order to ensure we can provide the best care possible we must ask that you please call ahead to speak with an emergency veterinarian prior to sending cases through to the emergency service. This will enable our veterinary staff to determine if we have the capacity to provide the care required.

Specialty Services: Due to current conditions we anticipate that demand may exceed our capacity and we have therefore taken the preemptive measure to limit cases to matters of emergency or urgent need, as such elective or less critical procedures will be postponed until on or after April 6th (unless otherwise ordered by governmental agencies). Our specialists are here to support you – you are encouraged to contact the clinic to arrange to speak/email with any specialist directly so that they may help in situations where referral is not possible.

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